From Humble Beginnings


The perfect home away from home.




My Journey would begin on the 2nd day of December 2013 with my very first child. It turns out that I would care for this child for the next 4 months, Yes, 1 child and feeling very skeptical about this Journey! By month 6, word of mouth has spread with some social media support. By month 7 the

stars would be aligned and overnight I was at full capacity and in the process of hiring two passionate individuals to help assisting me with caring and preparing our Sprouts of Joy for their academic Futures.

I am so proud of what Sprouts of Joy has been able to accomplish since it's inception in 2013!

A Loving, Caring, Family Oriented  Establishment! I look forward too many more years of life long memories to come... And to see those little Sprouts grow into successful individuals.

-Elisa Alicea, Owner/Director


The Center is located within a residential neighborhood; in a home renovated for childcare. Most of the children attending the Center live nearby and families enjoy the convenience of a neighborhood childcare facility. Some of the children who attend the Center also attend the neighborhood elementary school, many of our children are the same children of educators who work at the school.




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