Small Details Make A Big Difference


Parent participation at any level is encouraged and valued. A strong parent-center relationship is crucial to our success.


Children use play, adult and peer interactions, imitation, motivation, and direct instruction as processes through which knowledge is acquired and social connections are made. Learning environments are designed and arranged in ways to allow for meaningful hands-on exploration, direct instruction, purposeful social interaction and behavioral intervention. Treating each child as an individual is vital at our center. We believe all children are capable and competent learners, have unique learning styles, and learn at their own pace. We use our center to inspire and challenge as well as allow for constant successes.


Cultural Diversity

We value you and every child’s unique differences. Our program has a commitment to respecting all children and families’ diverse and cultural needs. Our goal is to provide a supportive early learning program that respects home culture and promotes and encourages the active involvement of all families.




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