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Physical Development

The early years of childhood – from birth to age 5 – is a critical period for the development of these healthy behaviors that can have a lifelong impact on a child’s quality of life. We aim to do this in multiple settings that reach every child at our center.

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Language and Literacy

It is well established that the early childhood years serve as an important foundation for subsequent literacy development. As educators we make concerted efforts to engage children in a variety of important language and literacy activities.

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Social and Emotional Development

We help kids develop social and emotional skills through modeling appropriate behaviors. Our educators provide an environment that allows the children to show empathy, express feelings and to share generously.

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Creative Development

Creativity will be developed by engaging our children in activities that enable them to share their ideas, thoughts and feeling through the arts, movement, music and imaginative play. This can be done using sounds, colors, shapes and role-playing activities.

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Music instruction helps students in many ways, like speech and language development, motor and rhythmic coordination, and social skills. We use the benefits of music instruction in many of our activities.

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Children need a healthy diet to promote normal growth and development. We provide healthy food choices for lunch and snack times, then allow the child to decide how much to eat. We offer organic options, please call or email for more information.

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