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Children need to learn at their own pace and have the creative and nurturing environment to support their growth.


Our staff and curriculum provide an incredibly nurturing environment that leads to success.


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Parents find peace when kids find happiness. Our day care program is thoughtfully designed and sure to be a place where your child can't wait to go each day. Come visit us and discover what we're all about at Sprouts of Joy Daycare!


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Sprouts of Joy Daycare is registered by the State of Illinois, for children ranging from ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. We operate an open house Daycare, whereby parents are encouraged to attend the and express any thoughts they may have about their child's early childhood activities. We are well equipped with a variety of games and play equipment to promote all learning aspects.

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Appreciating Diversity in Early Childhood

As adults who spend time each day with young children, we are leaders in highlighting diversity in a positive way. It takes no special training or materials, and it isn't something we  squeeze into an already "bursting at the seams" schedule.   We model and demonstrate  with many daily activities an understanding and appreciation for the richness and variety this world offers.


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