Tuition is paid weekly and is due every Friday for the following week. Monthly plans are available.


Enrollment Process

After you have made the decision to enroll your child at Sprouts of Joy Daycare you will need to complete a childcare enrollment packet for your child. When all forms are completed, returned to SOJDC, and the registration fee is paid a space will be reserved for your child. All spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Register early to reserve a space.

The Center’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm year-round except on holidays.

There will be NO subtraction of costs for days missed due to illness or personal business. This cannot be done since the child’s place is saved and the Center and the overhead cost of the staff and facilities remain the same. If the child is absent, time cannot be exchanged for additional time on another day.

Anyone wishing to enroll their child at the Center must have the following before any service is provided:

  1.     Deposit and Registration Form
  2.     Physical Well-being Form
  3.     Child Information Record
  4.     Photo/Video Release
  5.     Parent Handbook Form


All forms must be filled out entirely in order to enroll your child. No child will be enrolled until all paperwork is received in the office with the exception of the white health form, which is due the first day the child starts.



If interested in experiencing sprouts of joys with your child for a 1 hour site visit, please feel free to schedule an appointment either by email or calling 1-773-384-4087. Current rates can be discussed at this time.


Call 1-773-384-4087